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Flash video is so common that a day without FLV files is like a day spent in bed: good in theory but unlikely in practice. Sooner or later you're going to want to save a Flash clip or file. You'll need a good FLV recorder, like the easy-to-remember Flv Recorder from StreamingStar Technology. With it, you can record and view video from a vast and ever-growing world of Web-based media. It can automatically save, download, capture, grab, and record FLV video in HTTP protocol as well as Adobe's proprietary RTMP protocol, which is used for many online Flash applications. It records multiple video streams simultaneously, and it sports a built-in FLV media player so you can view files right away.

The main interface features a sleek, attractive, and well-designed skin like a media player, befitting its simplicity and versatility. It's divided into two parts, the recorder and the built-in FLV player, each dominated by a main display. On the left-hand side is the recorder's interface: simple but clear buttons that control all functions and menus, including settings, the Help file, and links to the developer's Web site, which offers online assistance. The media player's controls are common to its type, though it does include a full-screen button. It displays videos clearly with good resolution and size. The program's best feature is undoubtedly RTMP compatibility.

Anthony Alongi:
We downloaded the free demo version to capture an NBC news video on the theft of hospital patient's personal information, then uploaded it to our YouTube page, and embedded it on the web page with the rest of our Identity Theft videos. Without FLV Reorder, this would have been virtually impossible.

I tried the demo version of flvrecorder to download a 60 Minutes CBS news segment. flvrecorder works well.



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