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1.Download the latest version of FlvRecorder, and Install. then run FlvRecorder. "Start" button, Flv Recorder detect automatically the available network adapter for monitoring.

Note:(1) If Flv Recorder can not find the available network adapter, then it will show the window of all adapters

(2)You can select the network adapter, click <OK> button, and return main window.

3.FlvRecorder start to sniff the network data packet.

4.Open the flash video website, and play the video.

5.FlvRecorder will start to record the flash video/audio when it find the URL.

6.After FlvRecorder finished the recording, it remove the recorded files to "Playlist"

8.DoubleClick the item and play the recorded file.

NOTE: Do not close the webpage of playing online media when flv recorder is recording.


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