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World's Top Online video Recorder for Social Web Video & Audio Streaming

Flv Recorder - the best Flv video recorder that can record flv video and audio streaming through HTTP and RTMP protocol, save social music video, catch online Song, TV and radio from Internet, included excellent build-in Free Flv Player and help you watch flv videos, and it is pretty and easy to use.

Flv Recorder is the only software which watch network data and find stream video & audio data, save them to PC. It do not connect to stream media server for getting stream data, so Flv Recorder is the only selection when rtmp stream server refused the download command.


You can record from lots of popular places, including:

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Best Features:

  • Record RTMP Flash™ Video
  • Record HTTP Flash™ Video
  • Build-in Flv Player
  • Record Live webcams
  • Catch MP3,MP4,M4A,M4V files
  • Sniff the Flash™ video address
  • Rename automatically
  • Record Multi Flash™ video

Support: Windows NT4.0/+ SP6/98/me/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Flash is a trademark of Adobe, Inc.


CNET editors' rating:
Flash video is so common that a day without FLV files is like a day spent in bed: good in theory but unlikely in practice. Sooner or later you're going to want to save a Flash clip or file. You'll need a good FLV recorder, like the easy-to-remember Flv Recorder from StreamingStar Technology. With it, you can record and view video from a vast and ever-growing world of Web-based media. ...

Anthony Alongi:
We downloaded the free demo version to capture an NBC news video on the theft of hospital patient's personal information, then uploaded it to our YouTube page, and embedded it on the web page with the rest of our Identity Theft videos. Without FLV Reorder, this would have been virtually impossible.

I tried the demo version of flvrecorder to download a 60 Minutes CBS news segment. flvrecorder works well.

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HOW TO ...
How to record video and audio, capture music video from facebook.com
  Record and save audio stream from npr.org
Record and save stream video from videos.tf1.fr
Record music video from MTV.com
Record flv video and audio from Youtube
Record BBC News Clip video and audio
Record Globo streaming video and audio
Record music playlist, capture iMeem music stream video and audio.
Record Fabchannel flv videos(RTMP)
Record online media, capture streaming video and audio from iCue.com
Record breaking news, video and original journalism, capture TV show video and audio from MSNBC.msn.com
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I know the RTMP link, how to record it
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